Check out Jenkins Woodworking YouTube channel for basic instructional videos:

Making a Leader

An easy, no extra yarn needed way to begin spinning with your fiber.

Half Hitch

Making and removing the half hitch used with a Turkish Spindle.

The Wind On

One easy way to wind evenly onto a Turkish Spindle.

Winding an Aegean Spindle

A faster wind-on for the flatter armed Aegean spindle.

Chain-Ply on the Fly

Want to handle your fiber only one time in the spinning process? Then ply as you spin your singles! When you’ve finished spinning your singles you have a tidy 3-ply yarn all ready to be used.

Joining Two Spun Singles

Joining two separately spun singles to make one long continues yarn.

Spinning on a Great Wheel

A video taken by a tourist during the Silver Falls State Park Historic Days of Wanda spinning on a Great Wheel.

Also on the Jenkins Woodworking Channel are videos of:
Ed turning a 2mm knitting needle on his lathe
Ed carving the head of a large crochet hook
Set-up and start of making hairpin lace using a Jenkins Loom
Using copper wire for a hairpin lace bracelet.