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Black Sheep Gathering was an amazing experience this year! Three spindle types were completely sold out and came home with low inventory for all the styles - something we'd never experienced before in 20+ years of selling at fiber festivals.

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, Sept 21-22 will be here before we know it!
Unfortunately Ed's had to take it easy since BSG with badly strained neck muscles. He's been working in the shop but in very limited time frames and at a much slower pace. Yes, he's been alternating ice & heat, and using a Tens Unit, and has seen his doctor...

Until after OFFF we won't be able to post spindles in the Store as often as we'd planned, though there will be a few before mid-September.
July 19, Friday,2 p.m - 6 Phoenix spindles will be posted. ETA: 2 Phoenixes appeared before the scheduled time, so now only 4 will be posting at 2 p.m. today.
We're truly sorry to disappoint all who've been patiently waiting. This is not what we'd expected.

Jenkins Spindles group on Ravelry is a wonderful online community of challenges, camaraderie, and encouragement. We try to keep the challenges fun and not too demanding.
For those who love a good challenge there's our year long challenge, Slow Fiber and Fashion SAL/KAL, for spinning at least a pound of fiber with your spindle(s) and making something with your yarn. Our wonderful "Slow Fashion" moderator and head cheerleader for this epic challenge is Jennifer. It's super impressive how many people have already spun 1 and 2 pounds of fiber with just their spindles this year!

Community Love

The following are photos from our wonderful spindlers on Instagram. To see your spinning here make sure to use the tag #jenkinsspindles.